The Naiʻa Guide

An ecological conscience for tourists seeking to experience Hawaiian spinner dolphins


Hawaiian spinner dolphins, known locally as nai‘a, are threatened by the continual disruption of their rest in shallow Hawaiian bays.
The Nai‘a Guide provides information, maps, photos, audio, and video explaining the dolphins’ ecology in relation to disruptive tourism practices in resting bays. This information comes from the latest scientific studies of spinners and their habitats.  The app also provides detailed information on how scientists study spinner dolphins in Hawai‘i.
In an effort to encourage sustainable dolphin-based tourism in Hawai‘i, The Nai‘a Guide provides details on  tourism operations that adhere to a code of responsible practices recognized by the Dolphin SMART Program.
The Nai‘a Guide was developed within the Marine Conservation Ecology Group at the Duke University Marine Laboratory.

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